Saturday, March 20, 2010

Santa Bubbi

This is just cute of the Little kids watching Hailey playing face book. Waiting for mom & Jim to come home with lunch.

We have the cutest kids. Ben, Jacob, Valerie, me Hailey

Jim got a bonus at work and he used a little of it to buy the kids some stuff. He doesn't get to spoil them often so he wanted to take advantage of it. So we affectionatly called him Santa Bubbi.

Jacob was so excited that he pretended to faint. Valerie liked that so much she fainted too.

Mom and Jim watching the mayhem. Ben got a tractor that sings songs and makes noise and moves back and forth.

Valerie enjoying her Spider man car and Ben testing out Hailey's Zhu-Zhu

Hailey playing with her Zhu-Zhu's that she's very excited about and has been wanting. Uncle Bubbi test driving someones new squirt gun.

Jacob got a Lego something. And uncle John volunteered to put it together.

Pappy watching the craziness, Grandma & Valerie bonding.

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