Friday, October 31, 2008


Ben's Pumpkin Hailey's Pumpkin Jacob's Pumpkin

I love Halloween. I don't feel the need to dress up but i love to get the kids dressed up and take them to Halloween parties and trick or treating, I just love it. Growing up in Colorado we allways had to wear our coat over our costumes because it was usually snowing. Ok so thats one good thing about AZ weather it's warm enough in October to enjoy Halloween.
I let Jacob pick his own costume this year and he wanted to spiderman with muscles, and I couldn't find anything for Ben and as we were leaving he saw "baby superman" and i thought that was a great idea. and then he saw bat girl and he wanted me to buy it for Hay and I told him I would tell her but she got to pick her own costume, but she thoght bat girl was a great idea. So Jacob ended up picking everyones costume. I tried to talk her into being wonderwoman so they all 3 would be in red white and blue but she liked bat girl better. Jacob was so excited though he kept saying were all superhereos.

I took the boys to the sitter and then went to the school for the Halloween party and Parade. Hailey is allways asking me to come help in her class, and enjoy helping in her class but with the boys it makes it alittle difficult.

Then we came home thank goodness Daddy came home early and Aunt Mandy came over and we each helped carve pumpkins.

Hailey felt she was big enough to carve her own pumpkin. So she got a little help but for the most part she did her own and Jacob & Ben supervised theres being carved by Daddy, Mommy & Aun Mammy
Then it was off to trick or treat with Renee & Lucas. We went all the way down our street and back up the street on the other side and back to our house for Pizza. They got enough candy but being that every other house on our block is empty we had to walk all the way to hit enought houses, to get a good amount of candy.

Then we put the kids in the stoller and walked over to Grandma Jammies to trick or treat at her house.


Carrie said...

That combination of costumes is freaking adorable! I'm glad Hailey chose appropriately...although, I'm not so sure about her old is she?? :) Oh, and good job on your email explaining how and where to find your new posts. I do struggle with putting things on the wrong date, but I just post in order, so I wait until I've posted old stuff, to post new stuff. Not necessarily efficient though, because a lot of times, by the time I get to the end I forget what I wanted to do in the first place.

CC said...

cute costumes!