Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hailey's first Fast

Last month on fast Sunday Hailey made the comment "I'm never going to fast, cause I'll be hungry." So I decided it was time we discussed the purpose of fasting, i heard in conference one time "Your not fasting right if all you are is hungry" so that next Monday for Family home evening I did the lesson, and Ryan and Jammie added in personal experiences and we explained fasting to her. then we discussed what we were all going to fast for and we decided to have a family fast for what different people in the family needed, so Haily decided to join us so her and i agreed we would fast for one meal this time. In the story I read for the lesson the little boy in the story every time i felt hungry or thirsty he would say a prayer and think about what he was fasting for. So Hay liked that idea and decided that's what she was going to do. So My sweet husband usually gets up with the kids on Sundays and lets me sleep in. So when I got up Hailey told me. "mommy I keep thinking about food and drinking something so I just keep praying" and then she tells me a little later. "I kinda forgot and took a sip of that juice box" I smiled at her and told her it was OK and that this was her first fast so she was still learning. So she says to me "You better get that juice box out of here, but I'm not carrying it cause I think I'll drink it" She's so cute. About 12 Jacob said he was hungry for lunch and I said that lunch was a good idea. Hailey was so excited for lunch. I am so proud of her, I think she did really well for her first fast being that she's just 6. She's growing up so fast, I want her to stop, my mother in law told her the other day to stop growing and Hay told her "but I want to grow up" and Jammie asked her "but Why?" and Hailey told her "because I want to grow up so I can return to my heavenly father". She's so smart I just love her sweet spirit.