Monday, September 21, 2009


We went bowling with our friends Matt and Tammy and their little girl Maddie.

Me showing off my mad bowling skills. I really like to bowl, I'm just not very good at it. If I break 100 then I've had a great game. In fact this game. Hailey got a higher score then I did. But she got to use the gutter bumbers and Ryan wouldn't let me, so really she cheated.
Jacob showing off his mad skills. Good thing for gutter bumbers.

Hailey & Maddie

Matt and Ryan strutting their stuff. I felt bad Ryan asked me like 3 times to bring him a change of clothes. I even set them out, but I walked off with out them. He was super mad at me and I don't blame him, poor guy had to bowl in his work clothes.

My cute girl posing and Big Ben hanging out with daddy. He wasn't very happy that we wouldn't let him have a bowling ball.

The kids were hiding and the guys were pretending to be monsters that were trying to get them. so they were all screaming. it was like we had 6 children with us instead of just 4.

We ordered some sort of ice cream brownie dessert. Everyone had a bite or two and Ben ate the rest. He ate it with such gusto that his shirt was soaked in melted ice cream. We had to take his shirt off and let him run around shirtless. We had white trash baby.

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Bonnie said...

Ben is not only "white trash baby" but skinny white boy!! He is cute though! I am not good at bowling either.