Friday, October 16, 2009

magic kingdom

Us at Disney
Hailey-3 1/2
Jacob-9 months

Hailey-4 1/2
Jacob-21 months

Hailey 7 1/2
Jacob 3 3/4
Ben 22 months

We were out so late at the trick or treat that we slept in and went to the park later then everyone else. It was nice to be able to sleep in and get a leisurely start to the day

We were standing in line waiting to go on the Jungle cruise and Jacob was bored so I took his picture making faces at me so then he wanted to take a picture of me making a face so I let him.

Because we had just been at the Animal Kingdom and been on a ride with actual animals, when we got on the ride and got started Jacob says to me "These animals aren't real their fake"

I was trying to take a picture of Ben in the stroller but he wouldn't look up. My cute Family waiting to ride The Aladdin ride.

Hay and Ryan, Me, and Ben and Jacob.

I love the parades. We didn't plan on watching it but as we were walking through it was happening and we couldn't get where we were going so we found a spot and stopped and watched it.

Poor Benners fell asleep. It had been a really long week for him.

Hailey really wanted to ride the teacups and there was a huge line so I had her get in line and I walked along the outside of the line with her as I was outside the gate with a sleeping Ben. I was waiting for Ryan and Jacob to come back from ridding the roller coaster, well the line moved faster then I thought it would so I started to get stressed because Hailey was getting closer to the front of the line and Ryan still wasn't there. But just in the nick of time Ryan showed up and jumped in line with Hay. It was a really stressful couple of moments for me.

I don't ride roller coasters, but the kids wanted me to go on the goofey one with them so I did but I still didn't enjoy it. They stress me out.

Silly girl posing

Jacob really wanted to see inside Mickey and Minnie's house. So Hailey decided to tag along.

My cute kids in Minnie's house

Mickey's house

outside of Mickey's house was super cute too.

The kids wanted to pose on the great big pumpkin.

Kids with Minnie's Mail box. I'm not sure if she's kissing or biteing her nose.

When I came back from Mickey and Minnies house this is what I found. Good thing Mattie was there to actually watch Ben.

Since Ryan and Ben were both asleep THe big kids both wanted to go play at the Donalds house which is a water area. At first I say no because I don't want them all wet and then for some stupid reason I decided to let them. It was a bad idea they got soaking wet so I then had to go around to 3 different stores to find and buy them dry clothes. It was a huge pain in the butt and the only bottoms I could find were really big and they spent the rest of the night pulling there pants up.

We got the kids changed into thier dry clothes and then watched the light parade which was really cool and then the end of the night fireworks then ran and hit The haunted Mansion one more time before we headed home. It was a great end to our Disney trip.

As we were walking out through the castle I noticed the murals on the walls and had to snap a couple of pictures they were so cool

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