Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Epcot was the first park that we went to. I worked with the kids before hand on what to do if they got lost from us. So I taught Hailey Ryan's cell phone number and I worked with both of them that they needed to find someone with a name tag or a Mommy with kids, and Jacob would say like Renee (our neighbor). and I thought he was just associating the two together. Well as were walking into the park I say to Hailey "what are suppose to do if you get lost" and she repeated it to me just like we had worked and then told me Ryan's phone number so I felt good that she was ready for an emergency. So then I ask Jacob the same question "what are suppose to do if you get lost" and he looks at me and says "find Renee" so I had to go back and reexplain it to him that Renee was not there and what her was really suppose to do.

I'm not sure what this ride was, Jacob and Andrea, Little Nate and Mattie

All five of the cute kids. Ben, Little Nate, Brianna, Jacob, Hailey
Andrea had these super cute Disney shirts made but little Nate refused to wear his. But they still looked cute in their mostly matching shirts.
Little Nate & Jacob.

Ben and his girlfriend Mattie. Cute Haiely girl

The line for the Race track was super long. Andrea doesn't like roller coasters so she agreed to sit out with Big Ben because he was to short to ride most of the rides. Being this was one of the first rides we went on Hailey also refused to go so she sat out with them.

My cute and silly boys. and me and my boy waiting in line to ride the race track.

We finally got to the ride and it was fun but that's as close to a roller coaster as I get. I hate fast and or scary rides.

Our table at the restaurant wasn't going to be ready for 30 minutes so we ran to do the nemo ride, while Ryan held our spot. Well right after we got on the ride Ryan called saying our table was ready Which would have been ok but the ride stopped half way through and we just sat there and waited for the ride to get back going.
Hailey and Brianna,Benners and Mattie on the Nemo ride

Ryan,Vicki,Ben, Little Nate, Jacob, Nathan, Mattie, Hailey, Brianna, Andrea

This restaurant is so cool. The entire back wall is glass so you can watch the aquarium activities, they even had scuba divers entertaining us. I also ate here when I came as kid with my family

Jacob & Nate, and my three stinkies in a shark. The pictures didn't come out very well.

The aquarium Ben just loved it. He watched all the fish's swim by, and squealed with delight.

The Owens' and The Crane's outside of the Nemo ride.

I wanted the kids to be able to meet the characters but I knew they wouldn't be able to handle waiting in line for 45 minutes. So while everyone else went to see Hunny I shrunk the audience. Which hasn't changed any since I was a kid and we went there like 20 years ago. I went and stood in line to see the characters. Ryan, Mattie, and the kids walked in in perfect time, there were like 3 families in front of me, so they hoped in line with me.

I think Pluto had a thing for Mattie. she was helping me out getting the kids book signed while I took pictures. After Pluto signed their books he reached out and grabbed Mattie and gave her a great big hug.

Ben was having no part of the characters unless Ryan and I were with him so Ryan had to stand in all the pictures. Hailey was so excited to see Minnie To show her her Minnie ears and her Minnie shirt.

Minnie tried really hard to get Ben to come to her but he was having no part of it.

My Goofy family with Goofy. Hailey asked me if Pluto and goofy were both dog why Pluto walked around on all fours and didn't' talk and goofy walked on two legs and talked. I couldn't answer her question.

I usually take my own stroller but a couple people were like oh just rent one so that's what I did. I was so annoyed at what I ended up paying for it for 4 days. But oh well I know better for next time. I'll take my own stroller. The nice part was my 3 kids figured out a way that all 3 of them could get in the stroller. And since they all way nothing I didn't have to drag anyone along.

Brianna, Jacob, and Little Nate in the thing in Canada. Hailey must have been in the stroller with Ben.

Hailey With Sleeping Beauty and Bell. Hailey is right on the edge of still wanting to see characters. If there wasn't a line she wanted to get their autograph but if there was a line she would have to wait in she would say nope I don't want to see them.

Poor Ben the days were so long for him. He would just crash in the stroller.

Hay & I waiting to watch a show in France.

Me and Benners, Hailey & Mattie watching the Drummers in Japan.

Buildings in the untied states


China where we stopped and ate Dinner

Mexico. By the time we got out of dinner it was already dark so my last pictures didn't turn out so well.

The Epcot Ball with the water fountain in front of it.


Bonnie said...

So much to see and do!! Glad you had fun. I like the pictures with "Bruce"!!!

Owens Family said...

I think I missed something. Who's Bruce?