Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Valerie Sleepover

Normally we wouldn't do a sleep over on a school night but Sam had a Dr's appointment SUPER early in the morning so I suggested instead of upsetting every ones morning Valerie just spend then night which at first she wasn't super excited about at first. she's not like my kids. My big kids would have jumped at the chance but she's not a huge fan about being away from Mommy and daddy. But she did OK

I forgot to take any pictures of our first sleepover friend. Until this point when we were doing snack/scripture study.

I did have to get a little short with her. I had to remember ever ones house has different rules. But at my house we do our routine. Family Prayer, Snack & drink , Scripture Study, Story, Hugs and Kisses, potty and My kids go to bed and they stay there. They don't get up they don't bug me, they don't ask for things, So the second time she got up I got a little short with her and she got that look on her face that she gets that says "hey Aunt Vicki doesn't talk to me that way" but I told her "I know It's different at your house but at my house you go to bed and you stay there. Hay's in bed, they boys are in bed, Uncle Ry's in bed. And I have work to do. So go Potty and I'll refill your drink and you go to bed with Hay and you stay there." She told her mommy the next day I thought about crying but I didn't want to wake Hailey up. Because they were sleeping in the pullout sofa together. I know she had a hard time but I think she did pretty good.

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