Friday, August 13, 2010

Carriculm night

Jacob's I could have skipped. =) i know that's horrible, but it was nothing new. But Hay's was good I learned stuff Hay hadn't told me. Hay was on top of it of course but it's good to know. but it was funny she was talking about this book they are suppose to bring home and I was like "um has that already started?" and Mrs. Gillman said "yeah last week" and I said "well isn't that interesting I haven't seen it" and all the parents chuckled, but I was thinking that's not like Hailey, so when it was over but before I left the school I called ry and he asked her and she got all upset and said "Mrs. Gillman said we can't take it home unless it has a book cover" so I told Mrs. Gillman that and she chuckled and she said "i've noticed with your little cutie she's a very letter of the law kind of kid" and I said yes she is and she said "I did say that but at the end I added that if they didn't have one yet they could take it home if they checked it out with me first." so we both chuckled and I explained to her my Hailey is very letter of the law and when she heard "you can't" she didn't even hear the rest of it.

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