Tuesday, August 10, 2010

went to the ER

a couple of weeks ago I pinched a nerve in my neck and it was killing me to move my neck and arm, I do this from time to time and with some rest and heat It usually gets better but this time it didn't so I went to the Dr. and she gave me some pain meds and muscle relaxers that helped with the problem but it wasn't getting any better so one of the gals I go to church with suggested I go to the Chiropractor so I thought what could it hurt. So I went over and gave it a shot, he did some work on me and my neck felt so much better. But when I woke up this morning my shoulder hurt so bad I couldn't move it I started crying/screaming and Ryan tried to help me manipulate my shoulder a little bit and I screamed even louder. I was suppose to go to work and he called Dr. Barber and told him I couldn't come in because he was take me to the ER. So finally he said that's it were going to the emergency room so he packed me up and off we went. We waited and when they took me back the Dr was concerned because I was in so much pain. He gave me a percasit on top of the vicodine I had already taken. They took a Xray of my upper arm and shoulder and said I hadn't broken anything gave me a sling and sent me to the orthopedic Dr to have shoulder looked at. Ryan stopped and made me an appointment for tomorrow.

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