Friday, August 27, 2010

Nere Test

I don't know how many of you have had a nerve test done but I'll explain it to you a little. It's horrible. I think it might actually be torture. The sweet little nurse takes a shock wand and shocks you in all these places from my finger tips to shoulder. It was annoying mostly but when she shocked my collar bone and my arm pit that was actually painful and I jumped. It was interesting to see my arm jumping around in weird directions not of my control. But then the Dr. came in and he stuck these little needles in and sent electricity through my arm. We he did that to the lower part of my arm it was painful but when he did it to my shoulder I actually started to cry it hurt so much. I felt kind of bad for the Dr. because he was trying to talk to me. And I was crying and he kept saying are you OK? and I was like yeah. I know he felt bad that he caused me pain and then had to tell me there was nothing wrong with it nerve wise. And then I went to leave and I thought I had composed myself and the nurses were all like oh no are you OK? and I was like yeah I'm fine that just really hurt my Shoulder.
Well isn't that fantastic, and now my arm & shoulder are killing me from being poked and shocked grrrrrrrr!!!!!

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