Saturday, August 21, 2010

Swim Lessons

We had another swim lesson today. After the lesson the kids got to play a little. We put floaty suits on the little kids so it wasn't as stressful on me to worry about keeping them right next to me. I know that's Dano's favorite. But it sure did relieve some of my stress.

Hailey was so excited Dano worked with her on the diving board and she did so good. Watching her was scary for me though. With myself not being able to swim watching my baby jump off the board and swim to the side. I was so proud of her. And she was so proud of her.

After his first swim lesson he had such a hard time I bought this water launchers and he only got to play with them after he had at least tried to do what dano wanted of him to do. So it kind of motivated him to learn during his lessons not just cling to Dano and cry.

The kids and there goggles. The Chlorine Really bothers Hailey's eyes so i figured it was better to get her some goggles so she could focus on learning and not on complaining about her eye's. So of course the little kids all wanted goggles too. Luckily I had those from last summer.

I'm not sure what with the faces but I thought they were funny.

More funny faces.

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