Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jacob ENT

I took Jacob to the ENT today to have him evaluated. First off I just loved her Jacob was trying to talk to her the entire time and she was so good with him, she would talk to me a few minutes and then talk to him. I really liked her "Bed side manner" But she said that his Tonsils and Adenoids are big for his age but the problem is most kids his age are the other problem is that if we wait until he grows a little bit and see if he grows into them he could be too big to benefit from having them out for some of the other reasons. One of the main reason's we are looking at taking them out is he has snored since the day his was born and she and I agreed that is not normal. And Ryan and I feel that the snoring is keeping him from sleeping him well at night, which we are thinking is affecting his personality and may be why he is so whinny and cries so much and complains all the time. and also the fact that he will fall asleep at the drop of a hat. In the car, at the table, on the couch. She said she would recommend taking his tonsil and adenoids out. But she can not guarantee that it will help the problems we are having. I don't want to put him through this and have it not help and she said if you have it done and it doesn't help the problems, him not having them will not hurt him. So Ryan and I are going to discuss it and see what we think is best.

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