Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Ranch.

Jacob is the only one of us that's not allergic to cats. And he loves Aunt Sissy's cats even though most of them run from him. Corey cat is a little more people friendly and Jacob was trying to get him to come down and play with him.
After we got back it hailed I ran back over to the trailer because I was afraid they would be scared. They were a little but once I got over there they were OK and they thought the hail was really cool. once it finished I went out in the rain and go them some hail so they could see what it looked like. I know they had seen a hail storm before but I don't think they had actually seen and touched hail. They wanted to eat it.

The kids wanted to go out and play in the mud. Ben had had an accident so I was in the middle of getting him changed and got distracted and he put his own boots on and went out to be with the big kids and by the time I got back to him he was already muddy so I decided to just leave him that way instead of waisting another clean pair of clothes. At one point he was covered from head to toe in mud and that was fine until he got it on his hands and then it was yucky and wanted his hands washed.

You gotta love playing in the mud. My kids think it's the best. My mom has a picture of me and my siblings playing in the mud at my grandparents place.

I took this picture of this toad because it was getting dark and Hay couldn't see it, I don't know if my flash scared him but he happened to jump right as the picture snapped.

We talked Uncle Ted into watching the kids while we ran up to grandmas house to get some stuff for her. Well we were gone a little longer then planned but we got the stuff grandma wanted, and came back to muddy kids. Hailey was covered from head to toe.

Uncle Ted had stuck the kids in the tub. Which was much appreciated considering they were covered from head to toe in mud to. It was fun to watch my rough and tumble old uncle bathing my babies. He was so sweet with them, and I love listening to him talk them. He cracks me up he's not the baby talk kind of guy and when he talks to my kids he talks to them just like he would talk to you or me and my kids take right to it.

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