Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures of the Family

Our friend Marianne Joined us for the BBQ and she was nice enough to take a group shot. We are missing a few. Sam and her family and Jim's girls. But this is all of that were there.

Starting in the back, Uncle Ted, Kent(Dad), Jeremy,
Middle Row:Me, Ben, Aunt Sissy, Jim, Syona, Danielle
Bottom Row: Jacob, Grandma Nona, Hailey, Carol(Mom), Evan, Dylan, Logan.

Grandma Nona and her kids my dad Kent and my one and only Aunt Suzanne
4 generations of family. My Grandma Nona, My dad, Me and my kids.

Grandma Nona and 5 of her 8 great grandchildren, Grandma Nona, My cousin Evan, Me and our kids Dylan, Logan, Jacob, Hailey, and Ben.

Aunt Sissy's Family Aunt Sissy and Uncle Ted, Evan and his wife Danielle and their boys Logan and Dylan, my cousin Jeremy and his wife Syona.
We were trying to take a picture of the grand dogs.

I love these babies so much and I love them together. They are so stinkin cute. Poor baby Dylan hadn't had a nap so he was a little grouchy.

Our lovely friend Marianne who we volunteered to be our photographer.
We were sitting on around on Evan's trailer gabbing.

The kids left Dylan's trike down by the barn so I went to rescue it for him and then took it for a ride around the yard.

I'm not sure why Dano is annoyed but the picture was to funny not to share. I like her smile is much prettier.

Ben stole Dylan's bike, instead of having a fit he just sat down on the back and let Ben ride him around the yard.

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