Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Clayton Museum

I took grandma and the kids into Clayton today to to go to the museum. We wanted to go on Saturday when we were there but it was closed. So we decided to make the trip in.

No one lives in it now but this is the Ranch house that my grandma Nona lived in as a young girl. I have found memories of it. When I was really little my great grandma lived in it. She died when I was 3 and after ghat my Grandma's sister my Aunt Anna moved into it so we would go visit her there.

Antelope running across the road. Grandma was telling me that antelope very rarely get hit by cars because they don't get scared and stand there like deer do they just tend to run along side of your car until they find a place to get through or over the fence.

I LOVE history, and I LOVE spending time with my grandma and having my kids be able to spend time with her. And Grandma loves Museums too so this made a perfect outing for us. Got to spend some quality time together and go check out the museum. This might be boring for some of you because I take lots of pictures.

This was a mail bag I think from the pony express.

an old Mail box from a closed down post office. Hay and grandma were checking out this mill thing.


They have some really cool Hair stuff. Grandma told me she brought me when I was a teenager to show me this stuff, but it wasn't on display so they let us go in the basement and showed us. I felt bad cause I didn't remember.

Hailey sitting in the old dryer chair, and the old perm machine I think it is scary and I don't think I would let them put those in my hair.

My cute girl. She loved the kitchen stuff as much as me. She wanted to know what everything was for.

Old sewing stuff

old stove and a wash board I was explaining to the kids that's how they washed clothes, they thought that was the craziest thing.

My cute kids loved the lady that showed us around She let them touch everything probably even stuff they shouldn't have. She let them try on pairs of old glasses. They thought they were hot stuff.

Ben was very jealous that he did get a turn, so I found him a plastic pair that I thought he couldn't hurt and let him try them out.

This was the dr. area they had alot of cool stuff. This wheel chair creepied me out. There's a seen in the movie the changeling and theres a wheel chair like this that chases the guy down the stairs.

This was an enteresting theory they had.

a ton of medical books. Jacob wearing glasses and riding the wheel chair around the room.

Can you imagine getting a blood transfusion with this machine.

The floor had antique floors and they had these cool old tiles with different decorations.

Antique Trike. and Band from the area that was big along time ago.

I was explaining to the kids that women use to ride sidesaddle and how they would have to hook there leg around the horn. I love watching their faces as they absorb new information.

Cool old furniture.

a Painting and pictures and info on Black Jack Ketchum.

a movie poster about Black Jack Ketchum and something

Chair and phone operator box.

The kids thought it was great when I explained how phones worked. and I thought this was a very cool old wedding dress.

I realized this was kind of morbid us sticking out faces in the picture of Black Jack Ketchum being hung. I held Ben up because he wanted a turn and Hailey took the picture. It took us a bunch to finnally get one, I spared you the bad ones and just put up the good one. Jacob's favorite way to take a picture with his tongue out.

Hailey thougth I need one of me to.

Hailey girl. And Hailey and Jacob both trying to stick there head in one whole.


This picture is made of butterfly wings. I was thinking how hard it would have been to do all the hard work with a baby on your hip.

After the museum we went and got lunch, they were begging me for something out of the quarter machine so I dug up enough coins and they choose fake mustaches. Ben refused to wear his, Jacob wore his for 2 minutes and pulled it off and got mad when it wouldn't stay on. and Hailey LOVED hers she wore it all day. When we got back to the ranch uncle Ted complimented it and she thought that was just fantastic that uncle Ted liked her mustache.

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