Monday, July 5, 2010

Laid back day that we did alot.

Aunt Sissy started working on the cherries that Hay and Jeremy picked yesterday. You have to wash them, drain them, run them through the Cherry pitter and it punches the pit out into the bottom and shoots the cherry out the side into the awaiting bowl, and then she divides them into bags. It's a lot of work.

So she in listed Hay's help. They boys were a little ticked that they didn't get to help So they sat at the screen door and watched and pouted, but eventually got bored and wondered off to play.

This picture didn't turn out that great but I loved what it showed. My grandma putting the cherries in the pitter, My daughter working the pitter, and My aunt bagging them. The generations working together. OK so I know that sounds cheesy but that's OK. Hay was so proud of her cherry stained hands.

Woman working hard. Boy playing in the dirt.

I just died laughing when this filthy little boy. And I said Grandma look at this filthy little boy have you ever seen anything so dirty and she said told me a story about my dad and when he was about Jacob's age and they would go to her parents house at the ranch. and her dad, my great grandpa would let my dad play in his shop and he would be covered head to toe in greece and he ruined a couple of pairs of clothes before she started keeping a filthy pair there so she could just put those on them before he went to play.

I know your sick of hearing this but I love this baby, he is so stinking cute.

Dano had asked me to cut the boys hair, I was more then happy to do it. But Aunt Sissy and Hay were not happy that I cut babies curls off.

I wanted to take the kids up on the top of the Mesa because they had never been up there before, and when we were young my siblings and cousins and I would hike up them, talking the whole way and spending time together and bonding. This is the view from the top of the Mesa.

We let the big kids ride in the back of the truck but we made the babies ride up front with us. Ben didn't think that was very fair. I wish this picture would have turned out Dylan was making this funny baby noise and Ben thought it was so funny and was laughing up a storm at him.

Evan and Five filthy little kids on top of the Mesa, what a view. 4 of the 5 kids in the back of the truck. Ben wasn't very happy when I made him get back in cab with me.


This is the view one way off the top of the Mesa, and this is Aunt Sissy's place from the top of the mesa.

This is my one and only uncle and he is very rough hardworking cowboy, and my kids just love him. A minute earlier he was teaching the kids to put their leg behind their head you can see Hay in the corner practicing. Jacob can be a frustrating and whinny child but he is very loving and affectionate so at this point he was tired and had, had a long day and just wanted to hug on Uncle Ted.

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