Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love these kids

They wanted to wear their cowboy clothes, and They looked so cute Jim and I took them out and took pictures of them. They are so cute I just want to eat them

Hailey-8, Ben 2 1/2, Jacob 5 1/2

I wanted one of me and the kids but this horse wanted to be in our picture too. Also note a picture of me, I know you hardly ever see them, so take note of this one.

We took a picture break to pet the horses. But Poor Ben was to short and he said "I pet the horsey too" so of course I had to pick up so he could have his turn too

Laugh at me all you want. But the kids kept asking me if it was a boy or girl horse. Well the only way to tell that is to look underneath them. Well Hailey asked me how I could tell, and as I was thinking of how to explain this to her she looked and said "oh that's how you know" and from then she just started figuring it out herself.

Grandma wasn't super happy with my pictures in front of this piece of cool green farm equipment, but that's because it is a manure spreader. Oops.

My cute Cowboys and Cowgirl

Trying to get a good picture of Ben and I got Look mommy I got a rock.

One of Aunt Sissy's pretty babies

More horse petting

Girl in a circle, and kids in a jail. I thought about leaving them in their but I thought that might be frowned upon.

Me and My cute kids

My cute kids and my cousins little boy Logan

I love kids hanging on the fence, I think it is so stinking cute.

I'm going to have these to framed and hung up in my house.

They were telling us Howdy Partner.

This picture of the boys made me laugh, they looked liked they were trudging back to the house from the barns after a hard days work.

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Carrie Allen said...

Vicki ~ these are so stinkin' cute!!