Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Slide Rock take 2

After we get the cabin picked up and the car packed up we had to go the kennel and pick up Bear where he had to stay for the weekend. We drive down to Sedona and pull off onto the slide rock turn off there is a long line of traffic, we wait our turn as we poke along. We finally get to the booth to pay. And she sees Bear and we had decided to leave the windows cracked with water and come back and check on him. Well nope. She sees him and gives us this 5 minute lecture on not leaving him in the car how if we do they will break our windows and take him out. I felt like I was 12 and my mom was giving me a talking to. Then we find out we can't take him down to the water either so our family outing is becoming hindered. So Ryan has the good Idea to make sandwiches out of what we have left of the food from the cabin. So we do and head down to trail. We get as far as Bear is allowed to go and Bear and I stay put and Ryan takes the kids down and Bear and I stay up top. Well not long after They come back, Ben hated the slides and was trying to climb Ryan's head. Jacob didn't want to get in the water he wanted to sit on the side, so it was making it very hard for them to do anything.

So at that point Ryan and I took turns one of us would sit up top with Bear and Ben and the other would take the Hailey and Jacob down to the Slides. And then we would switch. I didn't have any water shoes I only had my flip flops so I kept falling, one time I fell right on my tail bone wow did that hurt. ouch. Jacob Refused to do anything but sit on the side and play in the shallow water I was annoyed at first but then I figured who cars as long as he's having fun. at one point I fell and I lost my glasses and they went blib,blib,blib down the little falls and I never could catch them I was very sad.

I wouldn't go down any of the big ones because I'm a big chicken but Hailey and I went down the little ones. But Ryan and Hailey went down the big ones.

It was fun. It would have been nicer if we could have done it together as a family but at least we got to do it.

The building we sat outside was an old Apple packing shed. At one point I had to tie Bear up on the other end because he kept trying to eat the kids lunch's and people kept thinking someone had tied him up and left him and gone down to the falls. So I had to keep explaining that he was a food whore, not abandoned. Just as Ryan and the kids came up for the last time it started to rain so we got in the shed until it passed. Perfect timing.

I love the views up there so beautiful.

Silly family walking up the trail.

Stop for an ice cream break on the way back to the car.

on the trail they had some really cool old farm equipment. I thought of my dad. He would have loved it.

More Pretty views on the way out of town.

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