Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nesting without being Pregnant.

Is it possible to nest without being pregnant? The kids and I purged toys and stuffed animals 3 boxes worth, I cleaned off my entire desk and dusted it, cleaned out 3 boxes of stuff and put it away. Now I'm going to go clean out some more boxes. As anyone who has been in my house know house work is not my strong suit. I like having a clean house just not enough to spend hours doing it. I also come from a long line of pack rats. And I have a hard time parting with things. I form sentimental attachments to items. Where like Ryan doesn't. Growing up we had enough that my parents took care of us, but we were not wealthy so if you didn't want something but you thought you might want our need it later you held onto it because there wasn't going to be money to just go out and buy another later. So I have a hard time just getting rid of things. I also Have such a limited amount of time It's always I'll do that later. So it gets to a point where it's driving me crazy. My children are so lucky and they are loved by 3 set of grandparents and a small amount of aunts and uncle's for most Mormon kids so they have more toys then any kids should so 2 or 3 times a year we go through them and purge them. I usually do it because the last time I tried to get them to help me it was so much crying and not wanting to get rid of anything I just got mad. So my system is I watch what they play with and if they haven't played with something in a while I Put in the garage in a box and if they don't ask for it for a month or so then it goes to DI. But Even though I'm a packrat at heart, there is something enjoyable about purgeing and getting rid of stuff.

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