Thursday, July 8, 2010

Muddy Babies

one of the kids favorite things to do is make mud pies in the back yard in Raton. They had played in the mud so much at the Ranch I thought I was off the hook. But sure enough Hailey says that morning do we get to make mud pies today and I said but you got to play in the mud yesterday and she tells me it's not as much fun if you don't get to make your own mud. So like the big sucker I am I let them go make mud. It was kind of chilly so Ben didn't have much fun and they didn't play for long and then they wanted to come back in. I had to chuckle they sure did make a mess for no longer then they played outside.

3 Muddy kids in a Tub. I love my kids in Grandma Annie's big tub. I'm not sure my grandma ever took a bath in that tub I'm not sure she could have got in and out of it at her age. But it was in her bath room so in my mind it's her tub.
Cute Muddy boys.

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