Friday, July 9, 2010

Left for home

Left Raton today. I hate Leaving Raton. It's really hard to leave my parents especially since my mom retired this year so they aren't coming back right away. and it's relay hard for me to leaving Raton I love being here. This will always be home to me. I may not have lived here but I spend so much time here with my grandparents every year that I love it so much so I want to stay here where it is pretty and cool and the grass is green, there are trees and mountain, my kids can play outside, we can go to the family ranch when ever we want. I wish Ryan and I could make a living here I would love to live here the live is so much simpler. So much less stressful. I dred going back to my stressful life. The only good thing about leaving this time is we have missed Daddy. and we get to extend out vacation with the Owen's Ladies in Flagstaff for a couple days.

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