Saturday, July 3, 2010

Clayton Rodeo

Mom, Jim (Uncle Bubbi), Hailey & Jacob, all cowboyed up and ready to go to the rodeo. Benners is asleep in the car still.

Grandma and My Jacob Boy wearing the cowboy shirt that use to be Uncle Bubbi's. This is Double Bubbi.

The Boys are so excited to get to Mutton Bust this year. Cousin/Uncle Jeremy was helping them practice on his legs.

Jacob & Hailey with Jeremy and Sy. Hailey is so excited about the Mutton Busting and she was checking out the sheep.

Poor Jeremy more practicing.

Grandma & Pappy and Benners.

I had to wake Ben up to go into the Rodeo and he was not happy about it, but a Banana made him happy. Jeremy's legs got tired so the talked Evan into practicing.

Evan, Hailey, Logan, Uncle Ted and Aunt Sissy and Hailey

I don't know what Jacob's doing. He's an odd boy. Me and Ben, Grandma Nona, Aunt Sissy, Logan, Dylan, and Dano

Bronc riding and the Shoots and announcers booth.

The Mutton Bustin Shoots, and the kids hanging on the fence waiting their turn. At this point a Hailey size boy rode and when he fell off he got kicked in the mouth by the sheep so he was bleeding. At this point Jacob's eyes got huge and I thought he was going to back out on me. They didn't get called in the first batch so we had to wait.

I was hoping they would hurry up because there was a storm rolling in.
My camera's battery died so mom was suppose to be taking pictures but something went wrong with her digital card, and my brother was taking video. So the only pictures we have are the ones the professional photographer took.
Look at her hang on. I love the one of her sideways, she wasn't letting go. She did really good, she was in the running until the bigger kids rode and they did better. May be next year.

Jacob and Logan were next. I had left the kids with Evan in line and run around to try to take pictures. They called Jacobs name but the shoot didn't open and didn't open and the announcer said Houston we have a problem. And I knew he was refusing to go so I ran back over there and pushed my way through the cowboys that were surrounding the shoots and they were all going come on Buddy you can do it. Jacob is sitting on the sheep but he's screaming and trying to climb out of the shoot and Poor Evan is just telling him he can do it and trying to in courage him. So I told him he was fine, but he was doing it and I pushed him down on the sheep told him to hang on and told the cowboy to pull the shoot. Well the rodeo clown at this point had run over to see what was going on and as the cowboy pulled the shoot the rodeo clown grabbed Jacob and just ran along side so when Jacob slipped off he caught him so he never even hit the ground. He was still fussing when he got off, but he was very proud of himself that he had done it. But when I asked him if he was going to do it next year he said no. Then it was Logan's turn he was crying too and Evan made him go and the rodeo clown helped him to. He was just as unhappy as Jacob was. Evan and I were laughing and talking to another guy that's kids were riding too. We were laughing because of all our kids the girl is the only one brave enough to do this and she loves it and the boys fuss and cry.
I have videos but they are super dark so I'm going to try to lighten them and then post them.

Boot Scramble. The kids go to one end of the arena and take there boots off and then go back to the other end and when the whistle blows they race and get there boots out of the pile and put them on and run back. My kids didn't win but Jacob was just Happy he didn't loose this year.

Right after the Mutton Bustin during the Barrel racing which is my favorite part and I missed it it started raining like crazy so we ran for the cars and started for home.

I was suppose to be in the lead but where I was suppose to turn right I went straight and we ended up on the road to Des Moines so we had to turn around and dad waited for us and by the time we caught up to everyone else Evan had gotten himself stuck between to huge bodies of running water.

So we turned around and headed back to town and waited for Evan to get back through so we hung out in the car until we got the heads up to head back the long way. So our 45 minute drive turned into like a 2 hour drive.
I'm not really sure what Ben & Uncle Bubbi are doing but after I let him out or his seat he wanted to come up and drive the car and push all the buttons in the front of the car.

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