Saturday, July 24, 2010

Swimming lessons

We started swim lessons today. I'm so glad we have Dano. I'm not really sure how we would afford swim lesson's time 3 and Dano helps us out. Even though we didn't do Ben this Year we let him sleep. But hopefully next year we'll get him started on his.

Hailey did great, she remember what she had learned last year, but she picked up the new stuff Dano was showing her. I love this super smart girl. She is super good for swim lessons too. The only problem we have is when it's not her turn to have lessons she wants to play and I didn't have my suit on so I wasn't int the pool. So Dano couldn't give a lesson and watch a playing kids.

OK so not so much on Jacob boy. He cried the entire time, and clung on to Dano with his arms and legs and he wasn't letting go. She told him she wanted him to learn to swim so he would be safe, and she would never let anything happen to him. I even told him if he didn't let go and at least try he wasn't playing any Wii that day and he was like that's fine I don't want to play Wii. I felt so bad for him he was so scared. I told Danielle for him to give up his beloved Wii is a huge deal.
I'm hoping next week if I'm not sitting right there that maybe he would do better.
He loved sitting on the step playing in the water with the noodles. But actually getting in was too much for him. But I did remember that's how he acts at the beginning of each summer so I have high hopes for next summer.

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