Sunday, July 11, 2010


We went to Church in Flagstaff. It was an interesting experience. Ben was of course horrible. And there is no air conditioning in the church so it was hot and uncomfortable. And then we have this problem and I constantly have this problem and fight with Ryan and the girls that the kids don't get any spiritual growth out of Sacrament Meeting. They get there spiritual growth from primary. But when we all go together they always just want to go to Sacrament meeting. So I shared my case but then I decided it wasn't worth the fight, and it was so hot in that building and we went home.

The kids thought it was super fun to walk around rock wall around the front of the property. They were so cute.

Look how cute my family is on Pam's beautiful front porch.

Me and my cute girl in our matching outfits.

She thought she was cute in my glasses.

Jammie and her girls. Ryan an his sisters.

Ashley, Mandy, Ryan being Coy.

Pretty Mammy Sue on her 30th Birthday!!!!!!

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