Friday, November 12, 2010

New Puppy

So we totally picked up the house looking for girl puppy. Neither my mom or Ryan's mom has her or My sister who lives down the street that watches that kids for me on Tuesdays doesn't have her. I'm afraid she really is gone. And I can't replace her my aunt bought her on the clearance rack at the dollar store in New Mexico years ago for Hailey so she's kind of a one of a kind item. So my mom had the good idea that I take him to walmart and let him pick girl puppy a friend. OK so it didn't go as planned. First they didn't have a lot of options. Second every puppy that had a lil pink on it he reminded me that is NOT girl puppy, in the Christmas section I found one with pink ears and a pink nose that i thought was a puppy and he was happy with until he looked close and realized it was a kitty & threw it from the basket and screamed I don't want a kitty I want a puppy friend, so he saw this one and yes I realize it's another boy puppy but he is happy with "new puppy"

side note new puppy only kept him happy for a night and then he started asking for girl puppy again.

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