Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Hot dates

Jacob and I were suppose to be going on our Mommy/Bubbi date. But Ryan wanted to go see Tangled as a Family minus Hailey (she was seeing it with grandma) so I asked Jacob if he minded if Ben and Daddy tagged along and he was a sweet boy and said of course they could come. But as much as I love my Jacob boy You never know what answer your going to get. So me and my guys all headed off to see tangled.

I was just going to put one picture of Jacob but he makes so many funny faces I couldn't pick just one.

my other two hot dates and Ryan really was hot this night. He was getting sick so at the movies I realized he had a fever. But of course we still went and saw the movie so if you sat near us and got sick sorry.

It was a really cute movie. As we were driving home Jacob was planing out there future pretend Tangled and he said I'm gonna be Flynn Ryder, and Hailey's gonna be Rapunzel, and he gave Ben a couple of options and Ben very boldly said I want to be Woody. and of course Jacob got Mad and Said you can't be woody he's not in tangled. Well Ben's 2 and he doesn't care about these kind of details. Woody is his favorite character and that's who he wants to be so they fight back and forth until there both in tears and Jacobs Screaming Mom tell him he can't be woody. and I start laughing because this is all so silly well that just gets me in trouble with both of them. But it was a really good evening even with the little fight.

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