Friday, November 26, 2010

Black friday

Who has the best parents in the WORLD?? Oh yeah that would be me!! The kids and I spent the night at my parents, Mom watched the kids while I went and got deals all morning. I didn't go to bed until midnight and then I couldn't sleep then I got up at 4:30 to go get in line for Jacob's DS, but I stood in line so long (4hours) for the DS by the time I got it almost everything else on my list was gone. I befriended the ladies behind me and ahead of me in line and we took turns watching each others spots and when I came back and said everything was gone the lady behind me told me where to look at the returns area. I thought yeah right crazy. But sure enough I got over there and there was 6 or 7 over flowing baskets of stuff so I asked if I could look through them and they said yes. So I was able to get Jacob several Games for his DS and mom and Ryan each a movie for Christmas. I had only got in the afternoon and hit the end of the sales with my mom on Black Friday. It has always scared me. It was still kinda scary and I wish I had someone to go with me. But I got most of my deals. then mom and I went to lunch with the kids, then Hay and Mom went shopping, While Ben and I took a Nap and Jacob hung out and/or bugged my dad, and then we all went to Harry Potter, well the adults went to see Harry Potter while the kids went to the Play place. I love that play place. I love that Ben is big enough to go to it now. They did steal my idea. But that's OK it still benefits me.

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