Friday, November 19, 2010

Skyline Ward Adult Italian Dinner

The Activities Committee put on an adult Italian dinner. I was suppose to help but I could never go to the meetings for this reason or that. So ended up being in charge of the music and the table clothes. And I had to work the day of the activity so I couldn't help set up so I rode along with Tiffany McGee to go get the food and then we took it back to the church to set it up. But we never could make the music play through the church's sound system. and when I went to go home to get Ryan I realized my purse was in Tiffany's car with my phone and car key's so luckily Courtney let me use her and Ryan went and got the sitter and came up to the church he tried to help me figure out the speaker system but him and brother Wright couldn't figure it out. So we ran home and got my speaker for my IPhone and used that it wasn't the best, but it was all we had.

Not being a very active part of the committee had it's perks. I got to sit and enjoy myself for the most part. I got up a few times to help check and see if food needed refilled. but other then that we just sat and hung out with our Friends. Bonnie & Rob Milius, Carrie & Ron Evangelesta, and Jennifer & Ryan Johnson

We had a really good time, we don't get to have a date much so having a whole date night to ourselves was great.

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