Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hailey's Field trip at the Wildlife world Zoo

The 3rd graders in Hailey's class all went to the Wildlife world Zoo. Because only half of Mrs. Gillman's class is 3rd graders anyone who wanted to go could go. and so many parent went I only ended up with Hailey in my group, it was great it was like a date for just me and her. Some of Hailey's classmates but I'm a bad mom so I don't know their names. Hailey stole my camera at this point and took a million pictures of the flamingos, but I'm only posting these couples. Hailey loved taking pictures of all these animals. I have no Idea what the all are but she sure had fun taking pictures of them all. all the pretty birds. Hailey and another of her friends. Big birds and black swans/ walaby's and a duck The kids enjoyed the animal show where the brought the birds and animals out and showed us and told them about us. He was really cute the kids kept asking to touch him tough. The poor gal said about 5 times no you can't touch him. I looked over and their was my friend Carrie E's. son Aaron so I snapped a picture of him for her. Alligator's and the babies porcupine from the nursery. Hailey of course loved the babies in the nursery and wanted to steal them and take them home. \ baby Turtle or tortoises I don't remember. They have this really cool bird exhibit where the kids could go in and feed the birds apple it was great. No matter how hard Hailey tried Hailey couldn't get a bird to come to her but one of the other moms was a pro and she just walked around catching birds and making sure the kids had all had had a chance to hold one. So when she said did every one get a chance my sweet Hailey girl said my mom didn't get to hold one. so of course I said i don't need one but that mom caught one for me to hold. Hailey trying to catch one of the little birds. These little monkeys were super cute. The momma wanted to hang on the front of the cage and watch us watch her. but the baby wanted to nurse and he kept trying to nurse while she was on the cage. it was fun to watch them interact. The tortoises were having some bonding mating time and they were making the loudest noise. and the kids wanted to know what they were doing the other mom and I looked at each other because we weren't sure what to say and one of the kids said there playing so we just left it at that. When you go on Eduprize fieldtrips your not allowed to buy food or souviners at the gift shops but at this one they said we could buy food to feed the animils. They loved feeding the Giaraffe's I thought those big long tongues were gross but the kids thought it was cool. Wow that's a close giaraffe. This ostrich was so funny he was dancing away the kids thought it was the funniest thing. I tried to get a video of it but it did come out very well. My cute girl showing my all the cool animals. Hailey loved the mice, I on the other hand think there gross. The big cat. a baby big cat. Piranan's These weird fish swim with their noeses down it was so weird. turtles with long necks and colorful poisnous frogs. Hailey love the penguins. I'm with her, I think they are stinking cute. Ya gotta love Sea horse they are so cool. She got me to touch the sting Rays with her. she thought They were cool. I thought they were gross and slimmy. Me and my girl on the firld trip!!!

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