Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funny kids

A couple years back my dad bought Jacob a camouflage baseball cap just like the one he wears and Jacob calls it his Pappy hat. We were getting ready to go to the renaissance festival and I got Jacob's Jeans and his cute renaissance shirt and he decides he wants to wear his spider man shoes, we tried to tell him they don't exactly go with his outfit but he didn't care so then he sees his "pappy hat" on the floor and he decides he wants to wear his pappy hat. Ryan and Hailey spend the next ten minutes trying to convince him to wear a pirate hat that goes better with his outfit. Ryan finally convinces him to wear his pirate hat and they leave the room to go find it. A few minutes later here comes Jacob with his "pappy hat" on, and I say to him "Bubbi I thought you were going to wear your pirate hat" and he scrunches his face up at me and says "Mommy sometimes I just want to wear my pappy hat" So I give him a hug and tell him he can wear what ever he wants. A little while later I hear Hailey again trying to convince him to wear the pirate hat again, and Jacob is getting upset and keeps saying I want to wear my "Pappy Hat" and then I hear Hailey say to him "Jacob that Hat with that outfit looks ghetto" and Jacob looks down and says "Yeah I do look ghetto, and I like it"

What a funny bunch of kids I have.

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