Saturday, March 7, 2009

Renaissance festival

We go to the Renaissance Festival every year. Part of us Dress up and some are party poopers and do not.

Hailey and the girls did the Bungee trampoline thingie. They had fun. I think it looks scary but they seemed to enjoy it.

Hailey got her face painted. But I couldn't talk Jacob into letting them do something cool on his cheek.

Ben really liked having some freedom to roam, he would get mad when he got to the end of his leash and couldn't for any further.

Mammy, Ashley, and Ryan with Hailey,
Jacob and Ben.
Our favorite show is the Wild men group we never miss it. Ben didn't seem to excited about but the rest of us enjoyed it.

Hailey loves when we run into the fairy or sprite or what ever she is. She always has a little trinket for the kids.

The kids love all the little rides and the little games. I'm glad Ryan and the girls were willing to go with them on the rides, because I hate rides they make me sick to my stomach.

Hailey and Jacob were really excited to ride the Elephant and Camel. When we got over there Hailey wanted to ride the Camel because the line was shorter. But Jacob and I went and got in line for the Lama because Jacob thought it was less scary, so we get up to the front of the line and Jacob freaks out and refuses to ride the Lama. But he decides he wants to ride the Camel like Hay. Him and I go get in line for the Camel we wait in line again and we get to the front of the line and he freaks out on me again. So no cute picture of him riding an animal.

On our way out the kids wanted to take pictures in the cutouts and I wanted to take some pictures of my cute kids.

We always have a good time. But it is a very exhausting day for me. By the time I have run the kids around to everything they wan to do, I'm to tired to do anything I want to do. Maybe one year Ryan and I can sneak away and go by ourself.


Carrie said...

we have never been, but i didn't know they had so much stuff for kids to do! that is SO not dave's kind of thing, but we will have to go sometime!

Lucinda Fish said...

I've never been to the Renaissance festival - it looks like a lot of fun! That's cool that you all dress up!

Bonnie said...

We love the Renaissance Festival but haven't been in a few years!:0(

Looks like you all had fun.

Sorry to say I also would probably have to be a party pooper and not dress up either.(Hope this lil bit of info doesn't ruin our frienship!!!)LOL