Friday, March 6, 2009

Baseball Spring Training game

Every year The company the office I work for buys there Dental supplies from throws a customer appreciation day and they have a BBQ and take us all to a Spring training game.

Dr. Barber, Joyce, Amanda, Lindsey & her girls

-------------------------------------------------Dr. Erskine, Sheri, and their kids

Sam, and Myrna-----------------------Ben & his friend Sam

I think Hailey and Jacob's favorite part is getting ice cream in a little ball cap.

The Dr.'s I work for get mad at me. I have no idea who was even playing and I have no idea who won. I don't go to watch the ball game. I go to socialize.



Marci's husband Craig and their girls and- -

above them is Myrna's, Dr. B's & Dr. E's son's ----------------Me and Big Ben

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