Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As I have mentioned before my family has a big ranch in Northern New Mexico it's about an hour and a half from Raton where my parents other house is. So after the library we headed that way. Mom and dad were nice enough to take there travel trailer out there for me and the kids so we had a little more room and we didn't have to over run Aunt Sissy's house.

These were some baby cows in the road that the kids wanted me to get pictures of.

When we got there Aunt Sissy wasn't home from work and Uncle Ted was doing chores so i got the car unpacked into the trailer. The kids were playing in the dirt in the yard and when I came back out to get another load Ben was gone. I asked Jacob where's Ben? he said I don't know. I got a little worried and called for him and he came running back towards the house with his hands all clenched up and this look of horror on his face. I said "what's wrong", and he said "carry" that's his word for Scary, I said "what's scary" and he said "Kiggy Scary". My aunt and uncle have 2 pigs. Ken and May Bacon. and when I say they have pigs I don't mean that cute little pink pig from Babe I mean they have huge hogs that could eat you alive. It scarred Ben to death. For Days after word if I said anything about Piggy's he'd say "Kiggy's scary" But he learned his lesson. He didn't wander away from the house by himself again. He stayed with Bubbi and Sissy.

This picture was taken on a previous visit.

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