Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hailey's baptism

Today was a whirlwind of emotions I'm going to try to focus on the good & just touch on the bad. Hailey was so excited she has been looking forward to this day all year. All week long she's been asking me what day it was and then counting I out and telling me 4 more days & I get baptized. This morning she came and jumped in our bed and said "I'm getting baptized today" I was so excited for her to make this big step and that she has developed such a strong testimony and such a strong testimony in her little body. She knows more about church at the age of 8 then I knew At 18 when I got baptized. She kept asking when she could put her dress on. So finally even though it was an hour away I let her put her dress on, then she kept asking when we were going to leave. I had a very emotional time I was stressed about everything going right, i was so happy for her, but yet a little sad that my baby is growing up. She keeps reminding me she's a big girl now. I just wasn't ready for her to be 8 and taking such a big step.

While waiting for the chapel to open up Jacob asks me "are we going to class after this?" I say "No it's Saturday we'll go to class tomorrow" He says with this sad face "But I wanted to learn more about Jesus" So from then on it was just a comedy of errors. The piano player & Ashley who was giving a talk on the Holy ghost went to the wrong Church. We were suppose to be in the primary room but there were 3 lil girls getting baptized and we had so many people that it was standing room only. So we had to wait for the chapel to clear, which was good it gave Ashley time to get there, but the piano player still wasn't there so they ended up asking hay's piano teacher & she pinch hit & did a great job. There were so many people from our family & the other families that when we got into the chapel we couldn't all sit together which didn't make me happy but we made it work. We were second in line for the baptismal font so I asked my niece Cyndi to take Ben to the bathroom as he had told me he had to go potty. So being the great helper she is she took him. Right after they left they called us. I kept thinking she would get back while I got Hailey into the bathroom and into the font and I had to walk around when I got in she still wasn't back, so I walked towards the font to say she wasn't there the gal had already given Ryan the go ahead and He baptised her right as Cyndi walked into the room, so by the time she walked over to where she could see he was finished and she missed the whole thing. I felt so horrible, if I hadn't asked her to take Ben potty she wouldn't have missed it.

We went on to the Confirming room. I'm sure Ryan gave a wonderful prayer but I couldn't hear any of it because Ben was mad and yelling in my ear the entire time. So at that point Cyndi and I cried, I explained to Ryan what had happened and he was upset that the lady had told him to go ahead as he had no other way of knowing if we were all there or not. Hailey and the other 2 little girls that were baptized sang "when I am Baptized" and it was beautiful,Ryan's sister Mandy accompanied them on the piano. Ryan's sister Ashley gave the talk on the Holy ghost, and she did a wonderful job. At this point Jacob and Ben had both ditched us for the Barbers, they must be more fun then we are. After the baptism Bishop asked the girls to sing the song in Sacrament tomorrow. Hailey doesn't seem to excited but she said yes. But I love the song and hearing her sing so I'm really looking forward to hearing it again.

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