Saturday, June 5, 2010

Robin Hood

We finally got to see Robin Hood today. We have been trying to see it as a family since the girls got here but we kept getting sick. I think Dad's the only one that hasn't had this stomach bug. So we took the little kids to the play place and all of us big people went to see Robin hood. It was a little slow, and a little violent, but it was good and it was nice to get to do something all together. Well Ben's first trip to the play place didn't go so well, he stole toys, took everyone popcorn and at the very end peed his pants. So they told me he was to young and he could come back when he was a little older. Then we headed over to the bookstore and everybody got a new book, and headed over to out back to have a nice gluten free meal. It was a great day together.

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