Saturday, June 26, 2010

Off to New Mexico

We left for New Mexico. I was up and packing at 6:00am after having 4 hours of sleep. But I realized last night had never picked up my prescription. So I had to wait for the pharmacy to open. So after getting the kids and dog loaded up, getting my prescription, going back to the house twice for stuff we forgot, and stopping to say one last goodbye to daddy. We finally got out of there at like 10:30-11:00am. It was so frustrating. and then I had to stop like 4 times in the first hour to let people go potty and change the movie and this and that. I was so annoyed and ready to go home and we hadn't even left Phoenix yet.

We stopped and went potty and got lunch and ate in the car to try to make up some time.

For dinner we decided to have Snacks so we could keep going, so I gassed up, we went potty and we had Beef jerky and chips, and bananas. Everyone had been so good I decided to reward us with ice cream. So I thought we would stop in Santa Fe which was the next town, well that was a mistake by the time I found the ice cream, got the ice cream, got back on the road, got lost and found the freeway again it was like 45 minutes. That totally through my time off.

These were just some random pictures I took of pretty scenery along the way.

We finally got to New Mexico about 11 or so. The big kids were already asleep but Ben was still up and rareing to go. Dad helped me unpack the kids and the car. After only 4 hours of sleep, 13 hours in the car with kids by myself I was so exhausted. So I eventually took Ben to bed with me and checked my email as Benners climbed all over me. So I closed my laptop turned the light off and layed down. Ben said "I'm scared" I'd tell him your fine. Then he started
"Where's Bubbi?"
"Bubbi's Night night"
"Where's Sissy?"
"Sissy's Night Night"
"Where's Gaga?"
"Gaga's night night"
"but I need Gaga"
"where's Pappy"
"Pappy's night night"
"but I need Pappy"
so at this point I was at me witts end and barked at him and said "well pappy doesn't need you right now go to sleep"
at this point I think it was 1am and I fell asleep. I'm not sure exactly when he did but I crashed.
Oh and by the way today is my Dad's birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!"

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