Friday, June 11, 2010

The long awaited Welch Family Picture

My oldest niece is 14 years old and this is the first time in 14 year that we have all been in the same place at the same time, and will probably be the last time for a while that it will happen. So My mom and I decided to strike while the iron is hot and have a much needed, probably never gonna happen again family picture taken. So after scheduling and re scheduling and a little fighting and having to reschedule again Thanks to the lovely Ruth Nickle we got our family pictures.

From right to Left My family Ryan, Ben, Vicki, Jacob, Hailey--My Parents Kent(Pappy), Carol(Grandma Carol), My sister's family Sam, John, and Valerie, My brother's Family Jim, Shell, & Cyndi.

Ben would tell you "Ewwwww that's disgusting" about the kissing, My parents have been married for 38 1/2 years. They drive each other crazy at times, But they truly do love each other. They have been through ALOT together but there always there for each other and us.

I'm not sure what they're laughing about but they sure look happy. The original 5 Welch's My brother Jim, My dad Kent(Pappy), Me, my sister Sam, My mom Carol(grandma Carol)

The kids Sam & her husband John, Me and my husband Ryan, Jim

The Welch Kids. Me, Sam and Jim, Sisterly love.

I saw this one time and I Thought it was to funny not to share
"Sister's by chance Friends because mom said so"

All 6 of my parents grandchildren. My brothers girls Shell-14, Cyndi-12, My kids Ben-2, Jacob-5, Hailey-8, My sister's little girl Valerie-5

My parents have never had their grandkids all together and they themselves be there. I was able to get them all together minus Ben in Denver the first year I brought the girls home with me and we had a picture taken of just the grandkids and one taken of the three kids and the grandkids

The Welch guys My sister's husband John, My Ben, husband Ryan, Jacob, My brother Jim, and Dad Kent

These two were them being goofy.

The Welch Ladies. Top-My brothers daughters Cyndi & Shelli and me
bottom-My sister Sam and her daughter Valerie, My mom Carol and my Hailey

My brother and his girls. I love my Niece but she's 14 and she wasn't super excited about having her picture taken with her dad, and she made this horrible scowley face until my sister gave her a hard time and then we all started harassing her so she started to laugh and we got some good pictures.

I thought this Picture of my brother came out really good.

My beautiful Nieces Shell & Cyndi

They look like they are having a good time together but I think at this point Shell had pinched Cyndi. Sisterly love.

More of my beautiful Nieces

My sister Sam and her family

Sam, John, and Valerie
This is my youngest Niece Valerie, my sister and her husband adopted her from Guatemala when she was an infant. She hates to have her picture taken and wasn't going to get more then 2 feet away from her mama. So this one came out great you can't even tell that my sister is sitting right there next to her.

My super cute family Jacob(Bubbi), Me(Vicki), Ben(Benners)Hailey(Haybug), Ryan

Ben would say Ewwwwwww

My guys I love these both I would like the first one better if Ben didn't look so annoyed.

Me and My girl

I love when she makes this face, I think it's supper funny.

See he can be sweet. I had every shot planned out which ones had to be first who was in each one and when we were done Jacob said what about one of just me and you.

I said give me a kiss and she snapped the picture just at the right time. He was so tired by the end and you can tell in this picture he is pooped out.

Me and my girls. I have no nephew's only nieces so I wanted one of me and my girls.

These are all of the kids with just one of their cousins.

Shell with Hailey and Valerie

Jacob hates family pictures as much as his daddy so at this point he was done and Shell was trying to make him smile.

Shell and Ben, Cyndi and Hailey

Cyndi and Jacob and Valerie

Cyndi and Ben

Valerie and Hailey and Jacob. This picture is cute but it's very fitting of these two 5 year old who are always fighting. They were actually fighting over the rock.

Valerie and Jacob and Ben

My poor Jacob was so pooped we went to dinner right next door to the pictures and Jacob got 2 bites into his food and fell asleep. He's always been like this falling asleep in the oddest places.

Hailey hamming it up for Uncle Bubbi.


Joy Schmidt said...

LOVE the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucinda said...

Those pics turned out great! Isn't Ruth an amazing photographer? Where did you go for the photo shoot? Love the location!