Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Girls Night out.

We got a rare chance tonight to have a Welch's girls night out. The only one that was missing was Valerie but She was a little too young for the movie we went to see so she stayed home with her Daddy.

Me, Mom, Hailey & Sam, Cyndi, Shell.

We went to Cheese cake Factory for dinner which use to be one of my favorites but since the Celiacs I hadn't been there. Well it came out to be somewhat difficult for Shell and I. Have I mentioned my oldest niece has found out she has celiacs too? Well anyway ALL of there salad dressings have gluten in them, so we ended up having Burgers with no buns. Having Celiacs sucks but I can't imagine how hard it is to have it and be 14. And having to constantly be the odd one in the group saying oh I can't have that. But she's a strong girl and the one good thing is she found out early in life so she isn't as set in her ways as I am so she can get on a better diet.

Hay taking pictures with Grandmas phone.

I know I'm silly, but I asked one of the Movie theater people to take our picture. Who knows when we'll have a chance to have a girls night out with all of us. We saw Letters to Juliet which was super cute and I loved. It was a little to big for Hailey she got a little board at points and I would have to shush her but I'm still glad we took her, it was fun to have her there.

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