Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baptism food prep

Mom came over to help us make food for Hailey's baptism party. Hailey really wanted to make 8 shaped sugar cookies, so Grandma Jammie made us a batch of sugar cookie dough and mom and i rolled it out and Hay & mom cut them out. I'm not sure what we did wrong but no matter what we tried they either fell apart or stuck to the cookie sheet. So it didn't make Hay very happy but we had to scrap the cookies. We still made chocolate chip cookies and Hailey's other request was cheese balls. Hailey & Jacob really wanted to help so they both got to help with cheese balls and cookies.

I enlisted the big girls help Cyndi pitched in, but Shell wasn't feeling well I'm not sure if it was a gluten attack or the stomach yuck that's going around my family, but either way we let her sleep on the couch.

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