Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girls and Jim head home

This is the last of our super busy weekend. Jim and the girls both flew home today. I took Jacob and Hailey to Mom's Hailey went with mom to Valerie's Vacation bible school presentation, My dad was nice enough to keep Jacob with him at the house so I just had Benners with me to get the girls on the Plane.

While we waited on the plane the girls took Ben on the moving sidewalk over and over again. He thought it was great. It's always really hard for me to let them go home. I get to spend such little time with them, and I'm very selfish and want to keep them with me.

Benners was not happy when they got on the "fly" as he calls airplanes. But he sat there and waived Bye Bye until the plane pulled out of sight. We will miss them very much.
By the time we got back to mom and dad's house, Dad and Jacob had taken Jim to the airport to catch his flight too. Then I ran home mom helped me get everyone ready for church and a quick lunch and then we ran to church. Is so great watching Hailey be presented to the ward, and when the girls sang their song again I felt kind of bad for the other moms because Hailey was so close to the Microphone she was the only one you could hear. But she sounded great.

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