Saturday, June 12, 2010

After Baptism Party.

Then we headed over to the church for Hailey's reception "Party" Everyone pitched in and helped finish setting up and we had Cheese balls at Hailey's request, Aunt Mandy's Strawberry and chocolate trifle, Chocolate chip cookies, and a fruit tray. and Evan's wife Dano (Danielle) took Hailey aside and did her hair for her real quick.

All the food.

Valerie, Cyndi, and Benners

my mom and dad and Ryan's Friend Brian, Mandy, Ashley, Jammie and Steve.

Jim, John, Sam, Valerie, Cyndi, Evan, Logan, Dylan and Josh, Jacob, Jessica, Joyce, and Rob Barber.

Rachel Evans two of her girls and the Youngest Kent girl. Bonnie, Rob and Kennedy Milius and Sam, Aaron, Sariah, & Leah Morris.

Ryan, Shell, Mom and Dad. Hailey with her Aunts Mandy and Ashley.

Hay and Grandma Jammie and Uncle Bubbi.

We were there for 2 hours but it seemed like it was over in a flash. It was mostly family with a few friends mixed in. We got these great family pictures. One of our friends told Ryan he thought it was pretty cool that even though my family are not members that they're supportive of us and were all there to support Hailey on her Special day. I have to agree and I really appreciate all the help all the family was to me in preparing food and helping us set up and helping us clean up. I don't know what I would have done with out them.

This all of the Great grandchildren and all but one of the grandchildren in my family.
Evan, Logan & Dylan, Cyndi, Sam & Hailey, Shell, Me and Valerie and Jacob, Jim and Ben

This is all of My grandma Nona's Great grandchildren
Shell & Dylan, Logan, Cyndi & Ben, Hailey, Valerie, Jacob.

Ryan's family. Jacob, Me Ryan, Ben, Hailey, Jammie, Mandy and Ashley

Benners and his favorite toy me Iphone. Hailey and all her presents. Ryan and I gave her aquad set of scriptures.

I was really touched by all our friends that got Hailey something for her special day I was really touched and surprised.

She got a diary, 2 bracelets, 2 picture frames, 2 baptism scrapbooks and grandma Jammie made her a pink blanket. Not pictured but My mom gave her her baptism towel.

My beautiful girl on her special day

Shell & Dylan this is my grandma Nona's oldest & youngest great grandchildren

Me and my girl and my mom and my girl

My little family on Hay's special day.

Me and my girls. We love having them here, and I'm so happy they got to be here for Hay's day.

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