Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grandma Nona.

We went to Trinadad Colorado today to visit my Grandma Nona. I love my grandma Nona so much and the kids adore her, and she adores them. She thinks there funny. We went to lunch and then headed over to Big R to see about deals on jeans.
The kids love these horses made out of tires. They wanted me to take a picture and send it to Pappy and tell him they NEEDED them. They were running around a little crazy and driving my crazy, but Grandma just giggled at them. When we went to Walmart to get a few things Ben started to turn on me cause he hadn't had a nap, so he started throwing his hat on the ground, kicking his boots off, and screaming at me, he was driving me crazy and grandma just thought he was so cute and funny.

Back in the spring Grandma moved out of the nursing home and into the Assisted Living home, which she loves and the kids and I thought was great. It's new so it's so much nicer looking, when we walked in the kids were ooohhing and awwwing and saying oh look at that, look at that. and it's really nice she has her own little apartment with a nice big living quarter, and her own bathroom she doesn't have to share and 2 big closets. She even has a little kitchenette with a microwave, fridge and sink, if she doesn't want to go to the dining room she can just make herself something little.

This is a horrible picture of me. But it's the only one of me and grandma. I am so happy for her that she has this new place that is her own and she doesn't have to share a room or a bathroom. The kids fight with me if I remind them she's my grandma Nona. They say NO she's my grandma Nona. At one point Hailey and I were play fighting and Jacob said "Guys, Guys don't fight we can share her and she can be all of ours grandma"

all camouflage hats Jacob calls pappy hats. He had one but it got lost on a boat trip and he was very sad. But Grandma bought him one today at Big R. He wanted me to take a picture of him and Pappy in their pappy hats, but he informed Pappy he needed a blue shirt like he had.

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