Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Picture with Santa

Normally I get the kids all dressed up in their Christmas clothes but, since we were at the mall Anyway We decided to have the kids picture taken with Santa. As we came down the escalator We saw that there was no line so we went over and went through the line. by the time we got over there there was just one person in line in front of us. So we waited and Ben seemed really excited and kept pointing and talking. So we thought it would be good. And I had to bribe Jacob I told him if he didn't get over there and sit with Santa that not only would I spank him but he would not be getting any treats. I know I'm a mean mom but I'm selfish and I really wanted my picture

Well Jacob Did OK but Ben refused to sit with him. I even tried to get him to sit on Hay's lab next to him. But he was having no part of it so I ended up having to sit with them but then I decided that if I had to be in the picture so did Ryan. He really liked to sit on my lap and talk to Santa but he didn't want him to touch him. Santa reached out to touch him and he jerked away like he was being touched with Fire.

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