Saturday, December 5, 2009

Benners Birthday Party

Ben with his spread. We had Sandwich's and chips. He kept climbing up there to try to get to the chips. I decided to do a Mickey mouse party as we just went to Disney World and he loves the mickey mouse show.

The big kids were really excited about the Mickey Pinata. I gave Ben the bat and he looked at me like what do you want me to do with this so we had to help him out a little bit. But the rest of the big kids had a great time whacking poor mickey

I made cupcakes but I couldn't find any cute things to put on top. so I just used the confetti from the party store and toothpicks. If I have to pat my own back I think they came out pretty cute.

I don't know about other peoples 2 year olds but Mine doesn't have any friends so we invited family and our friends

Ashley & Mandy Owens, Danielle and Logan Cook, Lucas, Tim, Renee & Madi Davis

Madi, Tammy, & Matt Hamblin, Kent Welch & Evan Cook

This was Ben Checking out his new Dump truck I think he got 3. Grandma Jammie watching Benners opening his presents.

Ben's a little confused at how to use his dump truck. The big kids wanted to get in on Ben's present opening. But he was not having that. This was the first year he was really interested in opening his own presents but he wasn't real happy with me when I would take them away from him so he could open more.

Evan & Dano gave Ben a rocking Mickey and after it was opened Hay decided it made a good hiding spot.

Daddy fixing one of his presents for him. Ben also got a cozy coop car. He loved it but he keeps tipping it over when climbing out of it instead of using the door.

grandma Jammie gave him a guitar and he loves it because it makes a ton of noise.

The decorations. I loved Hailey's hand made sign. She's so sweet. The characters at the bottom are Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto,

Last year Ben refused to touch his cake but since then he has acquired a taste for cake and frosting. He even blew out his own Candle. What a big boy.

This is My Cousin Evan's little boy Logan. My Cousins wife Danielle (Dano) stuck around to help me clean up. and her little boy loves to Vacuum so he vacuumed my living room and kitchen. It cracked me up he cried when Dano took it away from him to finish up. keep that kid around if He'll vacuum my house.

This is Baby Dylan. Logan's little brother. I just think he's the cutest thing in the world. He was fond of Ben's car but he kept sliding out.

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