Monday, December 28, 2009

The Ranch

We went to the Ranch to visit with Grandma Nona & Aunt Sissy. There are 2 different ways to go you can either go through Des Moines or you can go over the Mountain and go down the River Road which is what I prefer it's a much prettier scene. When you go over the mountain you go through Yankee canyon. That is where my Grandma Annie grew up and the house and Ranch she lived in is still there so we took some pictures.

We were debating on what the little building to the right of the house is. We were debating whether it was an outhouse or a smoke house for making dried meat. Hailey thought it was cool that this was where her grandma Annie lived when she was a little girl but the boys could have cared less.

When we got to the Ranch Aunt Sissy took the kids over to See their bottle fed baby calf. Her mommy fell off the side of the mountain and died so they are bottle feeding her. The kids were so excited that they wouldn't even go in to say Hi to Grandma Nona. And when it was time for her to have her bottle they were all so excited that Uncle Ted let them each have a turn in feeding her. Pops was sick so they couldn't ride him so this came in a close second.

The kids talked Pappy into giving them a ride on the golf cart. My kids think it's the funnest toy in the world.

Jacob took these pictures with my camera, I don't have a ton of Uncle Ted and Jacob got a good one. They are the last ones that were taken before it died.

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