Saturday, December 26, 2009

Going to New Mexico

The Kids and I LOVE going to New Mexico. It's a long drive which we don't care for but being there is great. The kids like going to Grandma and Pappys trailer as they call it. They play inside and outside with all the toys. In the summer they play in the dirt make mud pies and ride their gator, in the winter they play in the snow. We spend time with my folks, play games, and just spend time together. I LOVE it because it's a laid back. I still have to log in and work but I don't have to deal with all the kids responsibilities and my church responsibilities. No one asks anything of me and I can just spend quality time with me kids and parents. Ryan usually doesn't come with us but this time my dad talked him into it. He didn't want me to drive by myself, and he needed him to help him with unloading the trailer full of stuff he was taking and to do some furniture rearranging. I was afraid we would never get him to go back after this summer when he got so sick. Ryan & have different ideas of vacations. They always went to places like Mexico, Hawaii or Disney land. We went to grandma and grandpas in Raton or Grandma & Phil's ranch that was the extent of our vacations so that's what I enjoy going and hanging out with my family. So I think Ry will probably get a little bored but The kids and I are going to enjoy our selfs so much like we always do.

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