Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

This is Ryan's history of Christmas They would find a special spot in the living room to put their stockings so when they woke up they could go straight to their spot. So I have edited it a little and I put their stockings in the same spot. My kids get most of their presents from us but they get the one thing they really want and a couple of little items, and a new lovie from Santa with their stocking. and Santa brings the adults all stockings and one present. I Love Christmas and I want everyone to get a little something. I don't think Santa got the Memo though because some how I ended up with several little presents and that wasn't the deal.

My kids saw these Madagascar Christmas Lovies at Walmart and they fell in love with them and begged for them. I said No and Santa was nice enough to bring them each one.

Bear even gets a stocking.

My folks were with us this year so the get stockings and a present too.

The boys opening their stockings I can't tell what Jacob has, and Ben has his Apple. Everyone gets a apple, orange, and a candy bar. Ben was really excited about the apple. I was happy because last year he was the most excited about Bears dog bones.

One of their Santa presents is a movie year. The last several years Santa has brought them each a Christmas movie. They watch them all year round. It's funny to walk into the toy room and see them watching Rudolf in July.

I usually take a picture of my tree with presents all around it but I forgot this year.

Hailey has been asking for LuLu my loving kitty for months, Santa did not let her down but he did forget batteries so daddy had to run to the store and get some. Jacob had not asked for a Pirate ship, but when we saw the Santa in the mall he told him he wanted one so we had to do a little refigureing. But he loved it.

Jacob and his Candy cane full of Hersey Kisses and Hailey and her Ipod.

Jammie had a friend that would create scavenger hunts for his grand kids and it would lead them to things he had bought for them. I loved the idea so much I wanted to start it with our kids, so every year Santa leaves the first clue on the tree and each clue leads them to the next clue and it ends at their big present. The big kids got a razor scooter and Ben was suppose to get a little battery powered four wheeler but Amazon sent it to our house in the original box with a great big picture on it and the big kids saw it so I had to rearrange and Ryan and I gave him the little four wheeler and Santa gave him the little couch. Our neighbor has one and he loves it.

It was cold outside so the boys took turns riding with Hailey and keeping warm in the couch sleeping bag.

Ryan taking his turn

They loved it and Hailey rode the boys around. She was a little disappointed that it was pink like she requested but I explained to her Santa couldn't bring them all a pink car that wouldn't be fair to the boys, so he sent them a Red one because that was close to pink but the boys would like it too.

After Presents we came in and had Cinnamon rolls, it's Ryan's tradition and the kids love it too.
Jammie and her friend Steve came over and had dinner with us, and then we opened presents with Grandma Jammie.

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