Monday, December 21, 2009

Temple lights.

We try to take the kids to the Temple lights every year. It was crazy remind me not to go to the temple on the family home evening before Christmas. We drove around for 20 minutes looking for a place to park. Since Hailey was little she has called it Baby Jesus Birthday Party. She was so excited as we were walking up she said I love the temple lights, Everyone loves Baby Jesus Birthday party!! It was really sad as we walked up there were protesters on the corner. Now I'm not asking everyone to believe the same thing we do but come on is it to much to ask to let us have an activity on our own property with out people being ugly. I don't believe what they believe but you don't see me going to their church, standing outside their activities yelling in a megaphone. Come on do you really think that's what heavenly father wants you to do with your time. Just let us celebrate the birth of our saviour. I'm just glad the kids didn't notice them. I'm not quite ready to explain that to my kids.

My cute family enjoying the lights

At the visitors center they have the nativity scene's. I love it. It's one of my favorite parts. But when we got inside the line was huge long I knew the kids wouldn't handle standing in that line so I told Ryan to forget about it. But he knew how much I wanted to see it so he insisted we stay. So we took turns chasing the kids around while the other one stood in line. I'm glad he insisted I just love it. and they even had some new ones this year. I didn't get great pictures because there were so many people they were hurrying us through.

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Bonnie said...

Love the Temple light!! The night we went we easily could have stayed at the Nativity scenes and enjoyed them cuz there were no lines BUT my kids couldn't handle it so we had to hurry sadly.