Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Baby is 2

My baby is 2 today. I am not happy about this. For 2 reason's one I don't like it when my babies get bigger, I want them to stay little. And two it's hard for me knowing he's our last baby.

He's such a stink. I love him so much but he is such a stink. And he bullies the big kids. Part of his problem is the big kids baby him and don't want to be mean to him so he Does what ever he wants hits, kicks, throws things at them and they just sit there and cry about it. So he laughs.

He doesn't have a lot of words. Thank you, Please, Mama, dada, sissy, Hawee(hailey), mine and his favorite "NO"

He still doesn't have very much hair we keep hoping. And what little he has is almost blond. We'll see what it comes in like. He refuses to eat. He will not eat meat. Every once in a while he will eat a chicken Nugget but not very often. He loves Cheese, crackers, rice, potatoes with out gravy and candy. But anything else I put on his plate he either screams and pushes it away or throws it on the floor for the dog. So he is really small for his age. If it weren't for milk and pedisure he wouldn't get any nutrition.

He is horrible for Church he fights us during sacrament meeting. Our rule is they have to sit until after the sacrament is passed and once the boys have sat down after the sacrament they can color so he fights us until he gets to color and then he does fine for a little while until he tries to go color on the big kids pictures. Then when we take him to Nursery half the time he cries when we drop him off. But the sisters said he is always a super good boy. I'm not sure why he's good for them and not for me.

He loves music he doesn't so much dance like the big kids but he either plays air guitar or conducts with his hand like they do in church.

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