Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calanders

Hailey and I were at Michael's right after Halloween and right next to the check out counter they had a huge box of something Christmas, and I couldn't resist looking to see what it was. I'm a little addicted to Christmas stuff. I picked one up and realized it was Advent calenders. I was so excited because they were just like the ones my mom use to buy for us when we were kids. So even though I had already checked out I got back in line and bought 3 one for each of the kids. I said to the check out gal that I hadn't seen these in years and she said they had them every year, in shock I said I'd never seen them before and she told me they are always sold out by Thanksgiving. So I am so excited to start this tonight with the kids. I'm sure most of you know what it is But it's a flat cardboard box with 24 little doors and when you open a door there is a piece of candy. And you open one door every day until Christmas Day. They fought over who's going to announce what shape the Candy was I think were going to have to take turns on who gets to announce. These big kids fight over the funniest thing.

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